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The Growth Lawyer Forum is an official group of lawyers to assist lawyers and law students as well. Our main objective is to serve all professionals in their search for laws and case laws

Our Objective

Our objective is to serve the nation. Our lawyer community should help each other, as we all learn every day. Our main purpose is to promote the laws and raise awareness about them. It is our aim to help the lawyer community and give free consulting to the common people of the state. We connect not only the lawyer community but all those interested in law. Our focus is to scrutinise the difficulties of young lawyers, law students, and the common people of the state. Unfortunately, there are a number of common people who are unaware of their rights and duties, and our object is to update them as well.

Our Cabinet

Maryam Chaudhry Advocate High Court & Immigration Consultant Founder Growth Immigration Consultancy

Azhar Mehmood Khokhar Advocate High Court & CEO Growth Immigration Consultancy

Gulzar Mubeen Immigration Consultant, USA

M Akhtar Rana Immigration Consultant, Lahore

Advocate MUHAMMAD AKBAR Pasha Portugal Europe

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